Russia now claiming that they just destroyed two Ukrainian vehicles rescuing a sabotage team in Russia…

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Russian consulate in Lviv being closed for "pandemic" and "staff optimization" reasons…

@Moriarty "if we don't stop pretending that you're invading us, we will invade you" seems like the Russian version of "stop hitting yourself"…

The first of the russian landing ships from the Baltic fleet are now entering the black sea

@notany how could Russia launch a large-scale invasion of Ukraine without telegraphing it? Various military analysts online seem to suggest that they are more or less using the full logistical capacity to move in equipment to the border…

Donetsk and Luhansk recognized, I'll be amazed if there isn't an escalation by 9am tomorrow

Ukraine has just called up the reservists

EDIT: Lots of conflicting info, but sounds like a limited call up rather than general mobilisation. Not sure what that means in numerical terms

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Apparently Russian TV letting people know how charitable they were with various regions of Ukraine, and when they were gifted to it…

Seems like there is a new false flag op coming out every hour or two

@SteadyasaRock nobody is going to aggressively invade Russia, nobody is going to aggressively invade China. Nobody wants nuclear war. No matter how powerful an army Ukraine would have, they aren't going to wake up one day finding themselves marching into Moscow.

@Nihil_Supernum thank you, looks like it was in February in 2019 though

@oracleofferentari literally just signed the mutual defence treaties on stream

@tryingToPredictFuture thanks for the heads up - used to Twitter. But yes, I agree that I don't know why it would make sense for there to be a major push for Transnistria, besides perhaps trying to make sure Ukrainian/Moldovan forces don't push out the Russians when the war starts.

My point was just that currently it's not possible for Russia to easily transport equipment there, as there is no way to get anything there that doesn't go through Ukraine or Moldova - no air, no sea, no rail

@emilowk no point giving them a single crumb if it could make things easier, though