According to Wikipedia, in the First Chechen war, the Russians started the siege of Grozny on Jan 1 1995 and had taken control of the city by roughly the end of January. In the Second Chechen War, Grozny was again besieged by the Russians. This time, the siege began on Oct 15 1999 and lasted until the beginning of Feb 2000. Note that Russian urban warfare tactics were much savvier this second time around, but the Chechens had also done much more to fortify the city prior to the fight. ht...

@Jgalt As noted in thread at that link, that graph combines two different sources of survey data from different years. Meanwhile, looking at one of those sources over the full time period suggests no real change from 2019.

Will Alphabet (Google's holding company) be broken up or otherwise forced to divest from any of its businesses due to anti-trust action in the US within the next 5 years?

While I think this is a worthy question, I don't have time to properly operationalize it, which is why I'm commenting here.

@johnnycaffeine I'd recommend reading about the siege of Grozny in the Second Chechen War.

It's likely that New York will pass Hubei today for confirmed cases.