Now [South Africa](, [Ecuador](, [India](, [Indonesia](, [the Philippines](, [Qatar](, [Romania]( ...

@durbanus Does that criticism also apply to the two questions this one relies on, both of which are set to resolve on December 31, 2020?

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Here are the number of posts in previous years on LW and the EA Forum:…

(Note that the numbers may slowly decrease over time when old posts get deleted by their owners.)

@DanielFilan I think the limit for the API is 2500 posts per individual API query, so if the number of posts exceeds 2500 (theoretically possible) you will need to run another query with an offset of 2500.

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@PabloStafforini 3700 is the total number of people on the ship. The number of people who have actually tested positive is only 706. I'm not sure why you're using 3700 as the denominator, unless you're assuming that everyone on the ship actually became infected, but I'm not sure why you would assume that.

Also, 7/3700 = .189%, not 1.89%.

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@steven0461 I think this is what happened. If you peek at the detailed API stats, the median has remained stable at 0.9, but the mean ('avg') has risen from 0.77 to 0.82.

The Virginia House recently approved the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which made me wonder whether it would be worth having a question about the NPVIC coming into effect.

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Relevant PredictIt questions: * [Will the 2020 Democratic nominee for vice president be a woman?]( * [What will the gender composition of 2020 Dem presidential ticket be?]( * [Who will win the 2020 Democratic vice presidential nomination?](
@(Jgalt) "[Sanders says he's leaning towards selecting a woman for VP if he's 2020 Dem nominee](" (February 2019): > "I think we would look for somebody who is maybe not of the same gender that I am, and maybe somebody who might be a couple of years younger than me,” Sanders, who jumped into the race this week, said of a possible VP pick during an appearance on the "The Young Turks," a left-leaning web series. "[Biden says he would p...

The same slow, linear growth continued again today (2020-03-17).

2020-03-15: 3,590 new confirmed cases, 368 new deaths

2020-03-16: 3,233 new confirmed cases, 349 new deaths

2020-03-17: 3,526 new confirmed cases, 345 new deaths

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Here's a post that summarizes the recent evidence for COVID-19 being very widespread (and therefore having a low IFR):…


Will at least two public health agencies claim that China deliberately lied about case or death numbers?

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Will cold fusion be demonstrated to work by 2050?

The CDC has now issued a *global* Level 2 Travel Alert: In addition, the US State Department ( has issued a Global "Level 3 Health Advisory", asking citizens to reconsider all international travel: Note that, despite sharing the same numerical level, this travel.s...
[Edit: FYI, I now think this headline is misleading, see below.] [Epidemiologist Behind Highly-Cited Coronavirus Model Admits He Was Wrong, Drastically Revises Model]( ([archive]( > Epidemiologist Neil Ferguson, who created the highly-cited Imperial College London coronavirus model, which has been cited by organizations like The New York Times and has been instrumental in governmental policy decisio...

CDC now has level 3 warnings for Argentina and Panama, according to the listing.

I think the total is 55.

Only vaguely related, but it's a bit annoying that editing a question resets the category to Biology instead of keeping it at its previous value.