Via Reuters: "Putin recognises Ukraine rebel regions, sends troops on what Moscow calls peacekeeping mission":…

Via AP: "Putin orders forces to ‘maintain peace’ in eastern Ukraine":…

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@(BrunoParga) while Russia is not a signatory to the Rome Statute (the treaty establishing the ICC), the court may still exercise jurisdiction where a non-signatory party has consented. Which Ukraine as the state in which the alleged crimes will have taken place has done. They have also exercised jurisdiction over non consenting non-signatory parties in the past, see Myanmar and Israel [This article is a useful resource]( ...

The first Newspoll of the year was released on Monday.

Scott Morrison's approval rating is down 3 points to 63%, which while high, is the lowest it has been since April 2020.

@MacGyver the ICC can’t even try defendants in absentia (see article 63 of the Rome Statute). Are you envisaging a posthumous trial a la Pope Formosus?

I've submitted a question about when Volodymyr Zelenskyy will next be pictured on his own instagram wearing a suit. He's been posting multiple times a day since the war started and has been in fatigues consistently since 25 February. I think this is a good way to formalise questions about the long term normalisation of the current situation.

I'm betting low on this. The (latest polling)[…] I can find is from well before the most Greater Sydney COVID cluster.

Dan Andrews remained reasonably popular after the harsh Victorian lockdowns, and I'll be interested to see how Berejiklian's popularity fares, especially given her very different approach to outbreak management.

@Jgalt sorry for the late response, team! On the topic of old photos I don't think it should resolve positive. My intention was to make this about photos going forward and the reason question is about Instagram is that it’s a discreet data set which is easy to monitor.

For black tie/white tie/morning dress, I hadn’t considered these but I think they should also result in a positive resolution because they speak to the purpose of the question.

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[Internal Liberal party polling is allegedly projecting a loss for Treasurer Josh Frydenberg]( [YouGov has started releasing results from their MRP poll]( also predicting Frydenberg's loss and adding a projected loss of Tim Wilson's seat in Goldstein. (I've linked a report on these outcomes rather than the outcomes themselves because I can't find them not behind a paywall) ETA: I'm holding at 40% on this, mostly because of uncertai...

Donald Trump has announced that the FBI have raided his Mar-a-Lago home. Via Al Jazeera

@Sylvain My bad, I'm still getting used to the platform. Thanks for your help!

@TheBillby Good idea! Happy for you to author a similar question. I'm also thinking about some more federal Australian political questions along the lines of when the next election will be called, whether it'll be a double dissolution, etc.

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese has tested positive for COVID-19. In Australia, a positive test requires in-home isolation for 7 days, meaning Albanese will be released from quarantine on Friday 29 April at the earliest.

@moderators I know this might look flippant at first but I’m trying to formalise questions about the long term normalisation of the current situation.