@RedBox Brier scores are for nerds, let's go

Feature Request: Delete an account

As a user I would like to delete my account from the settings page if I am so inclined

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absolutely devastating for self-described "super" forecasters

@Tamay Broke my brain there for a second trying to determine if a Crunchwrap Supreme is fundamentally good. Yeah it's worth a try if you like tacos

The current range fails to account for Metaculus's +500% overnight user growth after it nails the 2024 election

edit: Accounts must be 1 year old, I can't read

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If someone had gifted me shares of "No" I would've panic sold them by now

https://www.barrons.com/articles/bitcoin-drops-cryptocurrencies-evergrande-contagion-fears-51632131432 >Stablecoin issuers could also run into trouble if China’s commercial-paper market starts to wobble. Tether, the world’s largest stablecoin, said last week that it doesn’t hold any securities issued by Evergrande. >But that isn’t reassuring to some crypto analysts, who point out that Evergrande backs roughly $300 billion in debt, spread across many banks and other financial companies. A default could ripple through China’s commercial paper and short-t...

So we're forecasting 4.4% inflation in 2022 but only an 18% increase for BTC?

Metaculus/Tezos real-money predction market confirmed for Q3 2022

@ugandamaximum I disagree with this: Nations are advising their nationals to leave Ukraine as of today, and the Jake Sullivan press interview seems a bit more dire than the previous glimpses we've had into the situation

If the URL resolution method doesn't work out, this question shouldn't resolve as ambiguous - it would be pretty trivial to send a Metaculus user to Westfield, Indiana in four years to order a Crunchwrap Supreme® from the local Taco Bell©. A lot of Taco Bells™ will also attempt to make discontinued items for you even if they aren't on the menu. You just have to ask nicely

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Metaculus user survey with a list of actions and a yes/no box for whether each action qualifies as cartoonish

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L'Jarius Sneed (Feed and Seed) will see to it that this is not the case

@oracleofferentari soldiers flying in via commercial airlines is S.O.P.

@casens Users can already "delete" their comments by going back and editing them to "‍". A delete button provides an alternative to that

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