There was an update made by JHU 7h ago, but all the numbers stay exactly the same vs yesterday.

@Sylvain @SimonM

I think Fred (St. Louis FED site) is a reliable one. They provide the index levels (not the monthly change), to three decimal palces (six significant figures). So we'd have to make this one division and one subtraction):

(Index_May_21/Index_April_21) - 1 = 0.007373

@SimonM Ah, sorry. Didn't notice your answer, hence my duplicate. But we got exactly the same numbers from two sources - even better.

@michal_dubrawski Originally, yes. But I've been living in Malta for the past couple of years...


Interesting. 2d 7h have passed and WHO's numbers have changed a bit even for end of last year:

Mar 31, 2021: 127 878 558 -> 127 914 901, so +36 343

Dec 31, 2020: 82 358 603 -> 82 379 194, so +20 591

Overall, +15 752 cases.

Rounding up: 45.52 -> 45.54 million cases.

@Jgalt Yep, even by sheer randomness we may encounter a zero day soon. The next phase of reopening next week may delay the day somewhat...

@admins A gentle reminder: this has resolved to 0.3 over a week ago...

@Sylvain Hi, the pleasure is all mine :-)

  1. Pls go to:
  2. Scroll down to the chart below the map
  3. Toggle two buttons: "Weekly" -> "Daily" and "Daily Change" -> "Cumulative"


It should, but it is highly unlikely. There's a substantial delay in reporting, so it is very likely deaths will be recorded for today's date.

@admins This can be resolved negatively. The highest daily print was 1358 on the 19th of Jan judging by official UK data. OWID has 1253 as the highest weekly average - on Jan 23rd.

@WPR Not necessarily - the question adds up both vaccination- and infection-derived immunity. About 10% of UK population was cumulatively infected at the end of 2020, possibly 15% now. So, they need ~60-65% of population to be vaccinated or 75-80% of adults.

This assumes some additional infections and some overlap between infected and vaccinated adults.

@PeterHurford See this:…

Even a booster should count, IMO.

On top of that, 21 months is a lot of time. We had 5-6 new variants in the past ~15 months.

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@(ThirdEyeOpen) See here (Fig 1): 9-12 days after the first dose the antibody level was 10X that of the convalescent. Also here: "Our results demonstrate that T cell and antibody responses induced by natural infection are boosted significantly by a single dose of vaccine. While the response to a single dose was lower in infection-naïve individuals, it was still equivalent or ...