@(AlyssaStevens)@kievalet Probably the best source for resolution of this question are the exchanges on which the Brent Oil Futures contracts are traded. Here are the links for CME GLOBEX exchange: https://www.cmegroup.com/trading/energy/crude-oil/brent-crude-oil_quotes_settlements_futures.html#tradeDate=06%2F02%2F2021 and the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE): https://www.theice.com/products/219/Brent-Crude-Futures/data?marketId=5049354&span=1 The contract closest to expiry is the 'spot' month, which is used for most charts and media reporting. On bo...

@literallytrevor The tracker does not have the "medium risk" category as of now. Do we mean "moderate" here?


Mmmm, you seem to have taken the "per capita" number.

Sep 28 total doses in Germany were 107.24M as per OWID.

@(RyanBeck) Previous month has been 106.3 and the there was an increase of 0.8% (see e.g. MQL5), while a reading of 103.2 would mean a ~3% drop. I would opt for the easy extrapolation of the index, that has last month resolved to 106.3. The second option (ambiguous resolution) seems reasonable, but is less preferred. In my opinion it is easy to reconstitute the previous value, especially as the rounded up index was used in previous resolutions. The third option essentially means that we agree to unexpected change of methodology after 90+% of the time...

@admins @juancambeiro

Should resolve to 170 (170,114k have been vaccinated with one or more doses on May 31st).

There was an update made by JHU 7h ago, but all the numbers stay exactly the same vs yesterday.

@Sylvain @SimonM

I think Fred (St. Louis FED site) is a reliable one. They provide the index levels (not the monthly change), to three decimal palces (six significant figures). So we'd have to make this one division and one subtraction):

(Index_May_21/Index_April_21) - 1 = 0.007373


@SimonM Ah, sorry. Didn't notice your answer, hence my duplicate. But we got exactly the same numbers from two sources - even better.

@michal_dubrawski Originally, yes. But I've been living in Malta for the past couple of years...


Interesting. 2d 7h have passed and WHO's numbers have changed a bit even for end of last year:

Mar 31, 2021: 127 878 558 -> 127 914 901, so +36 343

Dec 31, 2020: 82 358 603 -> 82 379 194, so +20 591

Overall, +15 752 cases.

Rounding up: 45.52 -> 45.54 million cases.

@Jgalt Yep, even by sheer randomness we may encounter a zero day soon. The next phase of reopening next week may delay the day somewhat...

Do nuclear weapons explosions meaningfully increase the atmospheric temperature before onset on the nuclear winter?