CNBC: Elon Musk expected to serve as temporary Twitter CEO after deal closes

Elon Musk is expected to serve as a temporary CEO of Twitter for a few months after he completes his $44 billion takeover of the social media company, sources told CNBC’s David Faber.

I think the public rankings should be extended beyond the top 100, given how much the community has expanded over the last few years.

WSJ: Republican House Minority Whip Steve Scalise said Saturday that the presidential election "isn’t over," becoming the first Congressional GOP leader to comment on the matter after the race was called for Joe Biden

It seems the Christmas spirit has evidently already reached the White House, as they have decided to gift millions of dollars to their lawyers without any realistic expectation of getting anything in return. Very generous!

@iladan555 One might hope to win the lottery, but not many people would say they have a 99% chance of doing so

I respectfully request that Stories not be added, as they seem to be everywhere else now.

Metaculus meetup on the moon in 2045, what do you say? I'll bring a bottle.

The group behind the website seems to be quite openly partisan, so I don't think they will set a very high bar for declaring an 'attempted coup.'

Shall we have a longer-term question on whether Musk ultimately acquires Twitter, even if it's against his will?

Looks unlikely to me, based on recent history in US fraud sentencing.

I think something between 10-25 years is most likely based on what's been reported so far.

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Bloomberg: [Musk Says He’s Chief Twit, ‘No Idea’ Who Twitter’s CEO Is]( >Elon Musk has “no idea” who Twitter Inc.’s chief executive officer is, he said in a tweet on Sunday. >The billionaire entrepreneur responded to a post from a user asking Musk for how long he intends to stay on as Twitter CEO. Tweet from Elon Musk: [My ...
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Sometimes, the winning move is not to play.