Angry Republican leaders float removing Trump from office

NEW: A growing number of Republican leaders are telling CNN Trump must be removed from office before Jan. 20.

"He has to be impeached and removed," said one current Republican ?elected official.


I've heard that 12 GOP senators have just said they would vote to convict if Trump were now impeached again.

Can you share any information about your source?

This seems way too high. I don't see this as being a priority during the first month. It seems unwise to stir the nest with charges this early. This is an unprecedented move and I'd expect the DoJ (or any other orgs) to be sensitive to that. Additionally, as @aran said, it would likely take longer than a month to bring up charges.

I'm at <1%. Impeachment and removal requires a 2/3 majority in the Senate, very unlikely with this much polarization.

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@Jgalt I don't think Trump thinks he can get his account back by going to the inauguration.

Forecasters on Good Judgment Open put Newsom's chances of winning the recall at 77%

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@Roko What was your prediction prior to learning about him getting COVID?

6.9%, the community median, seems too high given that December’s number was 6.7%.


Virtual rally cancelled

The Trump Campaign has notified FOX 35 News that there will not be a virtual rally. The Sanford rally was canceled after the president and first lady tested positive for the coronavirus.

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I’m unsure if Ron Wyden’s Mark-to-market capital gains tax would count as a wealth tax. It taxes unrealized capital gains. Thoughts?

Jon Stokes outlines how a Chinese invasion of Taiwan would have grave impacts on TSMC and the global economy.

This seems like a strong reason to believe annexation by force is unlikely.

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