> the unauthorized access of a site or system Which site or system? Without specifying it, "hacking the election" could be anything - e.g. phishing against any politician (which are high-profile targets so one expects them to be attacked continuously), even not related to any elections or any electoral data at all. Also, what does it mean "alter the outcome" - e.g. if somebody penetrates the site of local TV station and publishes fake election results instead of official ones, is it "altering the outcome" - or only changing the master database (whatever...

AG Barr Announces 1,000 Arrested, 200 Charged With Federal Crimes In Operation Legend Sweep

1000 is not 10000 but they're not done yet... Though within 14 days may be still not doable.

It looks like it's not even closed so far, would it be retroactively closed?

That's some weirdly formulated question. Simintov didn't leave when Taliban captured Kabul, but left shortly after. As did many other people - most people evacuated left after the capture of Kabul. So making it to resolve negatively just because he did what almost every other person we consider "leaving Kabul after Taliban takeover" also did and making it appear as if he didn't leave at all is weird. Technically it's matching the fine print but I think the whole focus on the exact moment of leaving is wrong.

@James Thanks for the explanation! Indeed, I thought that the Betfair definition means they would defer conclusion if Article 50 is deferred, but now I see that your reading is also possible, and in this case I agree with your conclusion that Betfair resolution would be OK to use for resolving this question.

@Jgalt He has been criticizing Trump publicly for a while, and endorsed Biden, but that's not exactly a rarity. Trump even had a tweet about him (https://archive.vn/XDQS1) but that's also not exceptional.

No indication that I've seen that he was specifically the author of the NYT op-ed. Though I imagine quite a few people knew. So the secret can be kept at least for 2 years.

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He was also directly asked about this on CNN in August 2020: https://archive.vn/xFbJD so at least there was some suspicion. Taylor lied about it back then, denying his being the Anonymous. Anderson currently claims he did not know the truth at that moment.

@(ThirdEyeOpen) Oh of course, there's more but it looks like it is based on highly subjective criteria like "hard for anyone to see", "rarely", "nearly as much", etc. Of course USA has its problems. So does UK or Canada or France or Brazil. There's always corruption, there's sometimes fraud and sometimes abuse of authority, suppression of rights and so on. However, when you pretend that you can precisely quantify how one flawed democracy is better than the other, with three significant digits of precision - I think you're just deluding yourself and assig...

@Jgalt OK I guess technically yes, though it's very unlikely anything happens before the elections, and after that not much time is left.

Queen's Speech 2019: Queen says Britain will leave on October 31 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylXfECCHylE

That's quite a commitment if the Queen has publicly promised to make it happen.