Rough estimates of annual revenues of most of the companies Open AI listed on the website (as of 17 March 2021):

  • $55M, Algolia,
  • $15M, Casetext,
  • <$1M, Replika,
  • $0.2M, Sapling,
  • $42M, AoPS,
  • $11M, ROSS.

The sum is less than $150M. Numbers come from times before GPT3.

There is also, for example, CopyAI. Nobody knows what its revenue will be, but the revenue of Grammarly (also a writing aid) is $73M.

Meta: I am posting this to save ur time for dull search, not as a research.

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News from OpenAI: GPT-3 Powers the Next Generation of Apps

Nine months since the launch of our first commercial product, the OpenAI API, more than 300 applications are now using GPT-3, and tens of thousands of developers around the globe are building on our platform. We currently generate an average of 4.5 billion words per day, and continue to scale production traffic.