Given recent developments, 20%.

Should we create questions of whether Ukraine will retake Donbas/Crimea by year X?

Question is not clear. Is it about vaccination with a vaccine, updated against new strain? Or is it just vaccination with 3rd, 4th, 5th dose etc?

I have a question to Russians here: To which extent can we treat Putin as fully independent decision maker? What is the level of influence of Russian national security establishment (aka siloviki)? From what I understand, these two entities have pretty different incentives and worldview. My understanding is that Putin cares only about retaining power for as long as possible. He does not care that much about the fact that Ukraine becomes unfriendly to Russia and is slowly growing its military capabilities. Maybe for him it is even feature rather than a...

@Updogz I am well aware of it. And I am well aware of the fact that people usually overrate decision-making weight of a single person (king, emperor, dictator, president, prime minister etc) and underrate weight of groups of high-ranking officials (acting in either overt or tacit way).

I am not advocating for this hypothesis, I am merely curious what others think about it.

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